Due to the developing technology and business density, our personal and corporate digital data are increasing day by day. In addition to the productivity advantages of technology developpement, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage and ensure the security of the growing data traffic. Data and Information Management Systems allow you to build an efficient and scalable data center, while keeping your data safe. By automating data center management to increase your business performance, it helps all your physical infrastructure become controllable.

With Data and Information Management Systems, we offer as Anitec Technology, the facilities in a lot of field apart from the features listet below;

  • Efficient data accessibility (Storing data in the fastest accessible manner)
  • Data integrity (Possibility of follow up of deletion and updating the data consisting of many pieces managed from one hand)
  • Data security (Encryption and control on the user base of data) )
  • Data management.


Nowadays the developpement of technology has positive aspects as well as negative aspects. For example, existing technological infrastructures can become odd very quickly. The technological investment to do in order to prevent this must be correct and renewable. For a long-term use of the investment, it must first meet the needs and must be renewable with the developping technology. This two reasons directs us to integrated systems with ip bases on out informatics infrastructure.

The fact that the phones to be used are ip-based means that they can adopt to all the innovations needed. With the use of IP Phones, the dependence on desk-top phones will disappear. By means of the systems to be installed between different units of our customer, the communication costs can be minimized. Thanks to IP Phone infrastructures, call centers in one place cam be created. In addition IP Phones which does not require special cabling, provide opportunity without any problems to potential capacity increases that may occur in the future. The maintenance and management of IP Phones is easy, thus the intervention period of operators to the problems is minimized.

As Anitec Technology we developpe the projects in desired sizes and abilities. Anitec Technology, provides the creation of system project and the realisation of infrastructure and system set ups and the services as post-delivery support in world-class standards thanks to its expert staff. With the use of devices as products of advanced technology, long-term investments are ensured.

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